Eden Beauty

How The Eden Beauty® System Uniquely Helps Fight the Appearance Of Dark Spots, Step By Step…

First: Help stop the signs of Melanin production⁹


NO Hydroquinone! NO Bleach! NO Extreme Peels!

Other systems (Hydroquinone, chemical peels, etc.) rely on dangerous bleaching/peeling agents that can cause inflammatory (AKA skin darkening) events!¹⁹

Even though these can cost THOUSANDS, they risk doing more damage to your skin.²⁰

Hydroquinone is also BANNED in several other countries because they have deemed it unsafe.

Instead of bleach or harsh chemicals, the Eden Beauty System supports your skin’s natural ability to appear bright and even toned.²¹

We do NOT use any Hydroquinone, bleach or harsh chemicals!

This is why…

Eden Beauty works and is safe for both dark and light skin!

Eden Beauty also works for both dry and oily skin…


Because the natural ingredients and potent formulations will BALANCE oil production without stripping or creating a greasy effect. You will LOVE THESE PRODUCTS GUARANTEED!

Eden Beauty Will:

✔ Work on dark skin

✔ Work on light skin

✔ Work on both oily and dry skin

You’ll understand WHY we can promise this when we describe the step-by-step system.

This Includes Dark, Sun, Age, & Liver Spots, Macules, Melasma, and Even Scars

Reason 1: Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.


Normally thought to be scars, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) can occur after the skin faces a damaging event, such as  acne, sun exposure, hormones, aging, and/or pregnancy.² 

While scars rise up off of the skin and have texture, PIH are the flat dark marks left behind. Because the skin was irritated, it may have produced more melanin to protect itself. This excess melanin may now live on your face as your nagging dark spots and patches.³

Reason 2: Post-Inflammatory Erythema (PIE)

These spots and patches are more red than brown, and may be the result of stress to small blood vessels (capillaries) near the surface of your skin from picking at pimples, dry/dehydrated skin, cuts, chemical burns, over-exfoliation, or sunburn.⁴

It may be very common to have both PIH and PIE, and they each need attention in a good skincare routine.

Reason 3 (The Sneaky One…): Glycation.

In addition to excess Melanin production, a process called Glycation may be the other contributing factor to dark spots, age spots, liver spots, sun spots, which are all types of hyperpigmentation.⁵

Here’s the best way to explain Glycation: Picture a steak being grilled on a summer day…

And that dark brown, crispy char that develops on the outside of the steak. Believe it or not, the exact same thing may happen to your skin as you get older, and it is called Glycation.⁶  When sugar and protein, things we eat every day, fuse together inside the body, pockets of dark spots may form, and more and more may surface on your skin as you get older.⁷-⁸


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