Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag for Gym Workout and Yoga Exercise 

  • Advanced Anti-Skid Design: This new EVA yoga mat has been upgraded, and has a higher density than ordinary yoga mats. The extra thick 6mm pad protects the head ,The non-slip textured surface provides the best grip without sacrificing comfort, and is most suitable for practicing various forms of yoga, Pilates and other fitness exercises. wooden floor, a tiled floor or a concrete floor, Can fit perfectly
  • Lightweight And Easy To Carry: The yoga mat is very lightweight, and all are equipped with a yoga mat bag, you can easily take it from your home to a fitness club or anywhere without buying a yoga harness.
  • Easy To Clean: OJS yoga mat is easy to keep clean and fresh for your next workout. Use a mix of gentle soap and water, wipe clean, and hang it to dry. Do not submerge.
  • Eco Friendly Material – Our OJS yoga mat is made from EVA material, which is no PVC and irritating smell, as well as more soft, skin-friendly and light weight. Recyclable and avoid environmental pollution.
  • Free Carry Bag – No need to go buy a yoga carrying bag. Easy to carry your yoga mat around with.
  • Order risk free: If you’re not 100% happy with your product just let contact with our customer support our team will definitively

Firstly you know why you go with OJS MAT?

India is yoga oriented country since ancient time and the birthplace of yoga. It can assist in harmonizing your body, mind & spirit. OJS provide you good kinds of yoga Mats that encourage daily with any kind of stress.

To choose the perfect yoga mat can sometime become a very hard as we need to consider many features like grip, thickness, length, color and weight before settling on any particular mat.

Durable, Portable and Lightweight

OJS yoga mat is light enough to carry to the gym or anywhere you want with the includedcarrying bag.

While a yoga mat is one of the optional yoga accessories, provide a stable surface that combines cushion properties with enough grip and traction, also separates you physically from the rest of the world.

How to buy a yoga mat correctly?

What are the advantages of EVA material over other materials?

the materials of traditional yoga mat on the market usually are RUBBER,TPE,PVC,NBR. Rubber is very heavy and very expensive, suitable for very few people; Although the value of PVC and NBR is cheap, the quality is very poor, damaged and the resilience is low.

In summary: EVA cost-effective, is the best choice for most people

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You are just one Click Away!

… to get the Best Franchise System In The World


Just Click The Button below and reserve your franchise rights today for just 97$ monthly! You will get direct access to an online APP where you get all Infos and step by step instructions from A to Z on how to do everything today! You can get started and in just little, as 2 weeks, we teach you how to start your 200% ROI Business with full support from Body Time.The one time franchise rights to reserve your territory and setup your website, landing pages, emails and everything you need is 797$ only!Click to get THE FRANCHISE Today!You are just one click away… YOUR OWNBODY TIME FRANCHISEAre you looking for an amazing business opportunity? Body Time is the solution for a fast ROI using our Body Time service. You don’t buy a product, you sell a service that is the most profitable business with low expenses and low capital investment from the beginning powered by the strongest brand. Body Time is a 200 % ROI business which means that you’ll get all your invested money back in the first 6 months.INQUIRE TODAYUnlock your entrepreneurial passion! FASTEST GROWING FITNESS FRANCHISE IN THE WORLDBody Time sets itself apart from competitors with a success-proven model for franchisees. Body Time is a dynamic and ever-evolving leader in innovation across the health and fitness industry. Offering a unique opportunity that is driven by quality, reputation, and convenience.
Integrating two of the most innovative and widely researched methods in the health and fitness industry, Body Time has created a highly functional team training program. The pairing of interval cardio and strength training has been shown to be the most effective method of burning fat and building lean muscle. TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP AND OWN AN BODY TIME STUDIO?OWN AN BODY TIME STUDIOLOW COST & HIGH MARGINSNot only does Body Time provide clients with a premium fitness experience through our pioneering training systems, but we also offer franchisees a unique business opportunity in the fitness industry through a low set-up cost, high margin and highly engaged community via our franchisee network.

  •  Low set-up cost
  •  Access to premium quality indoor fitness equipment at competitive rates
  • ​Low monthly fee gives franchisees access to existing accounting, management and payment systems
  • ​Membership model designed for maximum returns on low membership numbers
  • ​Members are highly engaged and drive community, both membership growth and franchisee satisfaction 
  • ​Body Time will thrive anywhere – from urban centers to suburban neighborhoods where time is of the essence
  • ​Body Time is a tried and tested formula to maximize margins for owners and health benefits for clients

READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP AND OWN AN BODY TIME STUDIO?OWN AN BODY TIME STUDIOGLOBAL SUPPORT & INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGYTechnology and innovation are integrated into everything we do at Body Time. Whether it’s the best possible client experience or the streamlined operating of a franchisee’s business, we’re always at the forefront of the industry. Here’s a taste of what both franchisees and clients can expect from the Body Time experience…


How To Get Started First Steps

We offer you everything you need to get started right

 Your Own Powerful International Brand

 Full Studio Setup Instructions

 We Help You Attract AND Recruiting Experts

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The Most Important On A Glance

Success Based On Knowledge And Experience

Focus On What Matters The Most

Business Performance And ROI

InHouse Web Design

Daily New Clients 

Full Studio Management By Experts

Call Center Service For New Inquiries

We Are International 



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  • ​Nutrition Diary (Priceless…)
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  • ​Grocery List + Bulk / Lean Nutrition Plan ($ 37 Value) 
  • ​Home Exercises with 100% result warranty! (Priceless…)
  • ​Cooking recipes for healthy and delicious food ❤️ (Priceless…)
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Total Value: $ 21.897Get Started Today for:$997!



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Eden Beauty

How The Eden Beauty® System Uniquely Helps Fight the Appearance Of Dark Spots, Step By Step…

First: Help stop the signs of Melanin production⁹


NO Hydroquinone! NO Bleach! NO Extreme Peels!

Other systems (Hydroquinone, chemical peels, etc.) rely on dangerous bleaching/peeling agents that can cause inflammatory (AKA skin darkening) events!¹⁹

Even though these can cost THOUSANDS, they risk doing more damage to your skin.²⁰

Hydroquinone is also BANNED in several other countries because they have deemed it unsafe.

Instead of bleach or harsh chemicals, the Eden Beauty System supports your skin’s natural ability to appear bright and even toned.²¹

We do NOT use any Hydroquinone, bleach or harsh chemicals!

This is why…

Eden Beauty works and is safe for both dark and light skin!

Eden Beauty also works for both dry and oily skin…


Because the natural ingredients and potent formulations will BALANCE oil production without stripping or creating a greasy effect. You will LOVE THESE PRODUCTS GUARANTEED!

Eden Beauty Will:

✔ Work on dark skin

✔ Work on light skin

✔ Work on both oily and dry skin

You’ll understand WHY we can promise this when we describe the step-by-step system.

This Includes Dark, Sun, Age, & Liver Spots, Macules, Melasma, and Even Scars

Reason 1: Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

Normally thought to be scars, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) can occur after the skin faces a damaging event, such as  acne, sun exposure, hormones, aging, and/or pregnancy.² 

While scars rise up off of the skin and have texture, PIH are the flat dark marks left behind. Because the skin was irritated, it may have produced more melanin to protect itself. This excess melanin may now live on your face as your nagging dark spots and patches.³

Reason 2: Post-Inflammatory Erythema (PIE)

These spots and patches are more red than brown, and may be the result of stress to small blood vessels (capillaries) near the surface of your skin from picking at pimples, dry/dehydrated skin, cuts, chemical burns, over-exfoliation, or sunburn.⁴

It may be very common to have both PIH and PIE, and they each need attention in a good skincare routine.

Reason 3 (The Sneaky One…): Glycation.

In addition to excess Melanin production, a process called Glycation may be the other contributing factor to dark spots, age spots, liver spots, sun spots, which are all types of hyperpigmentation.⁵

Here’s the best way to explain Glycation: Picture a steak being grilled on a summer day…

And that dark brown, crispy char that develops on the outside of the steak. Believe it or not, the exact same thing may happen to your skin as you get older, and it is called Glycation.⁶  When sugar and protein, things we eat every day, fuse together inside the body, pockets of dark spots may form, and more and more may surface on your skin as you get older.⁷-⁸

Dive-In To Cosmetics

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Dive-In To A Piece Of The Cosmetics Indusry That Generates Billions Each Year

Dive-In To Cosmetics :-Special Sale! Dive-In To A Piece Of The Cosmetics Indusry That Generates Billions Each Year   This courses is fully loaded. With all there is to know.  Why you should "Dive-In To Cosmetics". 
A course that will help you push through unwanted barriers. Customer chargebacks, refunds, returns, restock fees, and more.
Seek business minded individuals who are all about ACTION. The quick thinker. Ready to fix their issues.
Strike while the iron is HOT
Dive-In To Cosmetics
 This courses is fully loaded. With all there is to know.  Why you should “Dive-In To Cosmetics”. 
A course that will help you push through unwanted barriers. Customer chargebacks, refunds, returns, restock fees, and more.
Seek business minded individuals who are all about ACTION. The quick thinker. Ready to fix their issues.
Strike while the iron is HOT

Dive-In To CosmeticsEverything has a starting point. Dive-In To what you desire. No matter the challenge. This will help you give birth to your ideas and turn them into something real. You will know exactly how to Buy products from overseas and in the United States. Tracking your inventory won’t be a problem because that is also broken down in this course. How to deal with returns, refunds, chargebacks, restock fees, supplying customer tracking numbers, providing shipping labels, the hiring process to set everything up, creating you a customer service system, everything you need should be systemized to help you run your business like a well oiled machine. Also the supplies and materials you need to keep your business functioning properly. Like…the essential oils, packaging, postal weight scales, including the most commonly used boxes for shipping and more. This course is fully loaded. Plus a money making bonus inside.

Get yours nowCelebrate your freedom! Dive-in to cosmetics…an industry that women use to beautify the world


No problem! That is why this course is necessary. Most business owners don’t reveal what pitfalls they overcame and how to bounce back from them.Are you struggling to lead into sales?

READ MORE Dive-In To Cosmetics is a must have. The best way to shoot to the top is to know how to manuever through tough situations. If your going to learn about business you have to learn the SNOWBALL effects of challenges that show up.Our special is fully loaded. jam packed with material & concepts you don’t want to miss out on.

Best IKALL W1 Smart Watch with 1.82″ inches HD Display with Multiple Sports Modes (Black)

Visit the Fire-Boltt Store

4.1 out of 5 stars14,006Reviews Limited-time deal: Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 SpO2 Full Touch Smartwatch with 30 Workout Modes, Heart Rate Tracking, and 100+ Cloud Watch Faces, 7 Days of extensive Battery

Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 SpO2 Full Touch Smartwatch with 30 Workout Modes, Heart Rate Tracking, and 100+ Cloud Watch Faces, 7 Days of extensive Battery

Amazon’sChoicefor ” Limited-time deal: Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 SpO2 Full Touch Smartwatch with 30 Workout Modes, Heart Rate Tracking, and 100+ Cloud Watch Faces, 7 Days of extensive Battery


Plug & Crypto Profits

Breakthrough Money-Making Site Builder

Plug & Crypto Prof


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Fully Monetized Crypto Site Builder Grabs And Converts Massive Crypto-Addicted Traffic Into Leads, Commissions And Sales! 30 DFY Campaigns For Crypto Wallet Affiliate Programs, Mining Sites With Big Commissions, Udemy Crypto Courses And ClickBank Crypto Info Products. Cutting Edge E-Commerce Store Full Of Mining Products To Maximize The Income. Built-In Real-Time Charts And Price Tickers, That Display Changes, Market Cap, Trading Volume, Coin Charts, And The Latest Updates On The Cryptocurrency Markets

Contents: software (online)

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Keywords: Affiliate,Saas

Fully Monetized Crypto Site Builder
Grabs And Converts Massive Crypto-Addicted Traffic Into Leads, Commissions And Sales!
30 DFY Campaigns For Crypto Wallet Affiliate Programs, Mining Sites With Big Commissions, Udemy Crypto Courses And ClickBank Crypto Info Products.
Cutting Edge E-Commerce Store Full Of Mining Products To Maximize The Income.
We’ve Included 7 Newbie Friendly Adsense Alternatives For Even More Easy Commissions.
Built-In Real-Time Charts And Price Tickers, That Display Changes, Market Cap, Trading Volume, Coin Charts, And The Latest Updates On The Cryptocurrency Markets Settings





The Crypto Market Planet! Settings

Huge Demand

There Are Millions Of Crypto Fans Out There. These Are Hungry Buyers, Actively Searching For New Content And The Latest And Best Offers About Their Favorite Crypto Assets.
Actually It’s Bigger Than That – The Demand For Crypto Products And Crypto Info Is Growing And Only Getting Started.

Crypto Related Products

So, More And More People Are Ready To Invest, Learn, And Buy Crypto Related Products. They Want To Read Up On All Things Crypto And Are Ready To Open Their Wallets To Buy

Just Give Them What They Need, And By Doing That, You Can Easily Lead Them To Crypto Products Or Crypto Deals That You’re Partnered With As An Affiliate.

Crypto Wallet & Mining Affiliate

Imagine The Power Of The Affiliate Business In The Billion-Dollar Crypto Market!

People Make Insane Money With This Too.

And Just Like Every Other Online Business, You Won’t Need Anything Besides A Good Website To Pull This Off.It Just Couldn’t Be Easier Than That. Settings


The Amazon associates program has long allowed its members to earn a commission when a shopper buys a product through a special tracking link.

The percentage varies by category, but it is usually dependent on the order of five percent.

Affiliates earn a commission when a visitor to their website clicks a link to an Amazon product and buys it.

You will not have to pay to take part in the Amazon Affiliate program. It is entirely free of cost.

You can make from $100 to $25000 from an Amazon affiliate website.
You can earn more if there’s a big number of visitors coming to your blog. Settings

Face Masks


Disinfectants Supplies

Disposable Supplies






Battery Capacity

Battery TypePlug TypePowerVoltage

  • Home
  • “health protection” 318 Results

Price –  Ship From In stockSort by PopularNewestMost ReviewsPrice

Gym & Tonic

Macho Men Talks!

Trouble-Shooting Your Troubling Shoulder Pain

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5 Ways AI Will Change Your Business Next Year

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Crowdsignal blocks in WordPress

Welcome to this little demo page! We would love to introduce you to our set of Crowdsignal blocks and created this post for you, so that you can test and play with all of them right inside of your editor.

Preview this post if you would like to test the Crowdsignal blocks from your visitors perspective. Oh and please feel free to delete this draft post anytime, it was only created for demo purposes.


Let’s start with a quick overview of all our current blocks available in your WordPress editor. You can find all these blocks inside your block library via searching for their name or simply by searching “Crowdsignal”.


We all have opinions! Curious about the opinion of your audience? Start asking with our poll block. It makes creating a poll as fast and simple as listing bullet points.

 You can choose between a button or a list style for your answer options, and you can fully customize the styling of the block.  By default the poll block will support your theme styling, but it’s up to you if you want to keep it. You can customize the style how you want, from font-family to border colours.

Just click in the poll below and start editing.

And everything else you expect from a Crowdsignal poll is also available — such as setting “single answer” or “multiple answer” choices, a customised confirmation message, poll timeframe, and avoidance of double voting.

Here is a short demo video for how to set up this block, not that you would need it 😉

Feedback Button

You might have spotted it already, in the bottom left corner of this page: Our Feedback button.

This is a floating button that lives above your site’s content. Always visible this button makes giving feedback easy! User can send you a message and provide their email address so you could can get back to them. Needless to say that you can fully customize the design and text, including the label of the button itself. Feel free to make it a “Contact me” or “Say hello” button or anything you like.

And yes, you can change its placement! You can put the button in any corner of your site. Just try it! Click in the feedback and start editing.

Don’t miss out on your customers’ feedback. Keep your door open anytime and place a feedback button on all your pages.


Sometimes we need just quick and fast feedback from our audience. A quick voting button might be all you need. Fully customizable of course.

There is already a “like” button at the end of a WordPress post that you can click to express satisfaction or agreement. But what if you want to ask readers their opinion on a subject in the middle of a post? Or what if you want to present several ideas and find out which one is the most popular? Wouldn’t it be great to ask readers what they think without having to leave the editor or switch to another service or plugin?

That’s what we thought! Say hello to our Voting Block:

It’s a simple block that adds two voting buttons—thumbs up, thumbs down—to your post wherever you want to place them. Customize the block in different sizes and colors, with or without a border, and with or without a visible vote counter. Put several in a single post, next to different ideas, to see how they stack up for readers. Make the block your own!


The Applause block is a simpler and more playful version of our Voting block. The main differences are users only being able to give positive feedback and encouraging users to “make as much noise as they want”. Meaning this block does not only allow repeated voting, but even encourages it.

Let your audience make some noise with a big round of applause.

Preview this post and try clapping yourself! It’s fun.

The block currently comes in three different sizes, and can be customised with a button-like styling, including a border, border radius and some colour customisation options.

Embed Surveys & Forms

So far we only talked about quick and fast ways to collect feedback or opinions from your audience. But what if you have many questions or want to create simple forms? You can do this with Crowdsignal, too! Create a survey or form on and embed it into your WordPress post or site. Similar like here:

The Crowdsignal survey above was embedded using our  “Single question per page mode.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: In this mode, no matter how many questions your survey has, your respondents will always see one question at a time. Single Mode shines when you embed a survey into your website or blog post. Surveys with multiple questions can take up a lot of space, overwhelming your site. If you’re not sure whether your readers will take the survey at all, it disrupts the reading experience. With Single Mode, a survey  uses the same amount of space as an image, even a really long survey.

Once they provide an answer (or skip the question),  the next question loads. It has a playful  feel, like flipping through a slide show. Every answered question feels like progress.

You can choose between several transition options, and decide whether the questions should move from top to bottom, or from left to right.

Ready to create one? Here’s how:

– Go to (we will log you in with your account – magic ;)) .

– Create a new survey.

– In the Editor, choose “Single Mode” at the top left.

– Then create as many questions as you like and style your theme.

– When you are ready click on Sharing and copy the URL of your survey.

– Go back to your WordPress editor and paste the URL of your survey into your post

– Done! Your survey will appear in your post.

Here is a short demo video for you that shows you how it works in less than a minute:

Measure NPS

While we are driving our projects, working hard on our products, we all wonder: How are we doing? Are people satisfied with our service? Are we doing better since last month? 

Sometimes you want to measure your progress over time. Measure and monitor the customer satisfaction and growth potential of your product with a Net Promoter Score.

We have built a Gutenberg block for you that makes it easier than ever before to track your Net Promoter Score on WordPress. If you have previewed this post before, you might have seen the NPS question already in a modal window.

The moment you add the block, you are basically done. The design of the block is based on your site’s theme. You can still customize the styling of the block, or edit the questions, but that might not even be necessary.

To get the most out of your NPS data, it is important to show the question only to users that are already familiar with your service or product. You can configure the block to only show to repeat visitors. It’s more likely you will get feedback from someone who knows what they are talking about, and you can make sure new users are not interrupted during their first visit to your site.

After you publish the block go to the results page of the block and monitor your results. We have built a special results page for you to track your NPS score and to analyse any additional feedback.

We provide an analytics dashboard with our block that automatically calculates the Net Promoter Score for you in real-time and allows you to monitor your score over time. Are the differences geographic? Filter your results based on countries.

By the way, did you know you also can get email notifications or a ping in your Slack channel any time you get an NPS rating? Just click on the little “connect” button on your results page.

Here is a quick tutorial video on how it works.

 * Fired when the plugin is uninstalled.
 * When populating this file, consider the following flow
 * of control:
 * - This method should be static
 * - Check if the $_REQUEST content actually is the plugin name
 * - Run an admin referrer check to make sure it goes through authentication
 * - Verify the output of $_GET makes sense
 * - Repeat with other user roles. Best directly by using the links/query string parameters.
 * - Repeat things for multisite. Once for a single site in the network, once sitewide.
 * This file may be updated more in future version of the Boilerplate; however, this is the
 * general skeleton and outline for how the file should work.
 * For more information, see the following discussion:
 * @link
 * @since      0.9.0
 * @package    Crowdsignal_Forms

// If uninstall not called from WordPress, then exit.
if ( ! defined( 'WP_UNINSTALL_PLUGIN' ) ) {